Redis Use Case: Redis Cluster

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Read use cases for Redis Cluster. Redis is an open-source data structure store which is ideally suited for use as a NoSQL database solution, cache, and message queue. Using Redis Cluster allows the Redis deployment to be spread across multiple servers.

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Use Case: Social Networking Website

In the following scenarios, the user is running a very popular social networking website built on Redis. The website allows users to post messages to their profile, and reply, favorite, and re-post the messages of other users.

The site is experiencing rapid growth, and the user needs to reduce downtime and increase processing throughput.

Scenario 1: Scalability

As the website grows, so does its consumption of processing power. Redis Cluster allows the user to scale up the Redis installation by plugging in new manager and worker servers as needed.

Redis Cluster automatically handles sharding the data across a new server. All the user needs to do is install and configure Redis on the new server to connect to the Redis Cluster installation. Redis Cluster handles the rest.

Scenario 2: High Availability

Because Redis Cluster automatically shards the data across multiple servers, this removes the single point of failure which is presented by a stand-alone Redis installation. Redis Cluster automatically handles fail-over states.

This also allows the user to take individual servers off-line for maintenance and updates without affecting the health of the cluster, or impacting the performance of the website as a whole.