Change the Administrator Name on a Cloud Server with Windows 2016

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As a basic first security measure, we recommend you change the name of the Administrator account on a Cloud Server with Windows 2016. The Administrator user is the default user for all Windows accounts, and thus is frequently the target of brute-force password attempts. Changing the user name is an easy way to provide a higher level of security for your new server.


  • A Cloud Server running Windows 2016.
  • The root password and IP address or domain name for the server. To find this information, log into the 1&1 Cloud Panel and select the server on the Servers section.
  • The instructions in this tutorial are designed for a Windows 10 desktop. The specific instructions for other Windows versions may vary slightly.

For step-by-step instructions on how to connect using Remote Desktop, see the article Use Remote Desktop to Log in to a Cloud Server Running Windows 2016.

Change the Administrator Name

Log in to the server with Remote Desktop. Right click the Start button.

Change Administrator name: Right click Start

Click Computer Management.

Change Administrator name: Click Computer Management

Click to expand the Local Users and Groups menu.

Change Administrator name: Click Local Users and Groups

Click Users.

Change Administrator name: Click Users

Right-click on Administrator.

Change Administrator name: Right-click Administrator

Click Rename.

Change Administrator name: Rename

Enter the new name for the Administrator account, then click Enter to save it.

Change Administrator name: Rename

Make a note of the new username. You will need to use this username to log in to the server from now on.