Introduction to the topic and basic knowledge


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) describes all techniques that are used to achieve the best possible rankings in search engine results for a or document.

  • SEO helps to improve the quality of the web pages and thus creates added value for the visitors of the pages.
  • Of course, SEO also means making the pages more readable for the search engines. In this way, SEO contributes to optimizing the quality of search results.

This article introduces you to the basics and sections of search engine optimization. This basic understanding is important in order to be able to implement the techniques presented in later contributions.

The three sub-areas of SEO

SEO is a sub-discipline of marketing, or more precisely search engine marketing (SEM). This includes a variety of actions, all of which have the purpose of getting websites and other documents better ranked in search engine results. More precisely, it is about the so-called organic search results. Organic means that the search results are generated by calculation and not paid ads. Search engine advertising ("SEA") deals with the creation and optimization of paid search engine ads.

The SEO is carried out specifically for selected search terms. By the better placement in the results for these search terms - one speaks also of keywords - the chance on more visitors on the Website and thus on additional customers, subscribers, readers, buyers, etc. increases.

Depending on whether the SEO measures are carried out within the website or whether it is a question of setting up and maintaining links to the website, one speaks of onsite or offsite optimisation.

An indispensable component of SEO is also the measurement and control of success. SEO measures usually do not work immediately. In addition, the environment in which a website operates is constantly changing. The evaluation methods of the search engines change, and also the competition does not sleep. It is therefore important to regularly review the state of play and see whether the measures taken are working as intended or whether new or adapted measures are needed.

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