3 Tips for a Good Partner Network Listing

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When creating your Partner Network listing, you want to make sure you highlight your skills and specialties. The IONOS Partner Network is here to help you market yourself and your business in the best way possible. To make your listing a success, we have 3 tips to consider for the design of your profile.


Determine your expertise.

The Partner Network is not a pure marketing platform - rather, it is there is to provide for an abundant need for professional services. Accordingly, you should define your core competencies in concrete terms. Shine with your social media expertise or highlight your many years of WordPress experience! With the help of relevant customer examples, you can create realistic expectations and get satisfied customers.

Be creative!

By using common phrases like, "We offer good and affordable web design," you are not convincing anyone, especially not in the creative industry. The summary should outline your offer in a concise way. The description should detail your abilities and the culture of your company. A young design company communicates differently than a medium-sized company that specializes in programming - and that's a good thing.

Keep your portfolio up to date!

What is more convincing than past customer projects that demonstrate the capabilities of your company? Since good design is in the eye of the beholder, it is helpful for interested parties to get a great first impression of the style of your agency on the basis of your projects. After all, it is important for a successful project that your ideas match those of your customers. Customer examples can help prospective customers with the selection and set realistic expectations.

This article was published on 11 Mar 2019 by sebastian.zientek as part of the topic Partnernetzwerk .