How to Create Your Partner Network Listing

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Where are your main specialties? What expertise do you offer? How can interested parties contact you? All of these aspects are considered in a successful IONOS Partner Network listing. Are you wondering how you can make these settings in the best way possible? We will walk you through it in nine simple steps.

Your Listing

The Partner Portal is not only the central hub for accessing the accounts of your customers, but under the Partner Network Listing tab, you can also view the contents of your profile and change them with the click of a mouse.

Enable a Contact Option

First, enter your telephone number and email address so that interested parties can contact you. Your location tells you in which region your customers can be found.

Show Some Personality

The logo, summary, and description are central elements of the first impression of your company in the Partner Network. While the summary acts as a crisp headline for your profile, the description will go into your specifics in more detail.

Specify a Price Range

Quality has its price. In order for interested parties to be able to compare their price expectations before starting the collaboration, enter a minimum budget for your projects.

Decide On Your Main Expertises

You are an expert on Joomla? On top of that, a specialist for search engine optimization? Interested parties should know about all your competences: To do this, select the services your company offers under Activities.

Demonstrate Product Knowledge

Show interested parties with which IONOS products you are an expert - from eCommerce to Webhosting, everything is selectable under the section Products.

Create Connections

Link your social media presences, your website, and your Partner Network profile! You can add links under Website and Social Media or you have the possibility to share your profile URL wherever you feel is best.

Present Successful Projects

You should talk about your successes! Under the Portfolio tab, you have the possibility to present past, successful projects, including a description and URL. This is the best way to demonstrate your skills!

The Final Touch

With the Preview for Partner Network Listing button, you can see your finished listing. Are you satisfied? Then so are we!

This article was published on 11 Mar 2019 by sebastian.zientek as part of the topic Partnernetzwerk .