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Facing ten different projects on the table, countless new requests, and ever-changing requirements, the daily work of your company often does not allow for time-consuming customer management. This is precisely why we want to provide you with better support in customer management in the future and not rob you of valuable work hours. In this article, we show you what the IONOS Partner Portal can do for you.

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Before contacting us, quickly look up the telephone number of your customer. The Partner Portal relieves you of searching in databases or old email exchanges. After you have added your IONOS customers to the Partner Portal, you can see their names and contact details easily. Adding, changing, or removing customer profile pictures is also possible with just a few clicks.

Account access made easy!

Gone are the days when you had to juggle your customers' passwords. The Partner Portal is your central hub for the administration of all your customer projects managed by IONOS. After your customer has granted you access to their account, you can jump directly from your Partner Portal to their administration area to manage the products you are responsible for. There you have access to the customer's websites and can work on your project. You can also add domains, SSL certificates, different packages, and more.

Getting the Most out of the Partner Portal:

  • Add your customers to IONOS in the Partner Portal.
  • Request access from their IONOS accounts.
  • Benefit from a secure access option without having to deal with your customers' passwords.

Tip: Read here about how to add customers and request access to their account.

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