How SSL Protects Your Website

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The SSL protocol enables a secure HTTPS connection between your website and the browser of your visitors. With SSL encryption you show your visitors that they can trust your website.

The following video is provided by the video portal YouTube. You can find more information on data protection here:

SSL explained simply - a video post by Dominik Doll, Head of Webhosting Product Owner at IONOS

Data of your visitors is protected

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts and protects all data that your website exchanges with visitors - such as personal data, login data, credit card information and e-mail addresses. This means that third parties have no access to this data.

Confidence in your website is strengthened

Your visitors recognize the SSL encryption by the SSL logo in the address bar of your browser and by the character string https:// in front of your domain. With SSL encryption you set a sign and show your visitors that security and protection of their data are your first priority.

SSL encryption is an important requirement not only for e-shops, but also increasingly for regular websites, forums, social media websites and blogs.

Better ranking with Google and other search engines

SSL encryption is rated positively by Google and other search engines, resulting in better ranking of your site in search results.

This article was published on 26 Oct 2018 by Nico as part of the topic SSL .