Activate SSL for 1&1 IONOS Managed WordPress in one minute

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SSL protects the data transmission between your website and your visitors by encryption. This creates security, trust and a better ranking in search engines.

We want SSL encryption to be simple and natural for your websites. That's why you can activate SSL for your Managed WordPress website for free with just three clicks.

It's that simple

In the 1&1 App Center you can activate SSL encryption for your website with our assistant.

  • Activate SSL
  • Accept guidelines
  • Activate free of charge
Activate SSL for free in the IONOSApp Center

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SSL encryption now protects your website!

SSL is configured automatically

All adjustments to your domain and in WordPress will be done for you. Simply continue to use your website as usual!

Your visitors are automatically redirected to the secure HTTPS connection and always benefit from 256-bit SSL encryption.

Favorites and links to your website that use http:// instead of https:// will continue to function without restriction due to the automatic redirect.

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