Two-factor solutions for WordPress and Joomla!

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App authentication with Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator can be used with many services and applications, including Dropbox, LastPass, and Evernote. Plugins allow you to use Google Authenticator with WordPress, Joomla! supports verification with Google Authenticator since version 3.2 Out-Of-The-Box.

You can download Google Authenticator for free as an app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry and use it on multiple devices simultaneously. Practical if you want to generate confirmation codes with smartphone and tablet.

Authentication with the YubiKey USB dongle

With a YubiKey you can combine the classic login via username and password with an additional security code.

A YubiKey is a small, rugged USB dongle with simple one-click two-factor authentication. YubiKeys support computers with USB ports and in the higher versions (YubiKey Neo) also devices with NFC.

YubiKeys recognize your operating system as a USB keyboard and do not require a driver or installation.

    How to register with a YubiKey
    • Plug the YubiKey into a free USB port.
    • Configure the YubiKey via the YubiKey Personalization Tool
    • Set up the YubiKey with the service of your choice
    • Log in to the service of your choice with username and password
    • Select the field for the security code
    • Press the button on your YubiKey and it will automatically generate a security code.

    YubiKeys work together with many CMS. Via a plugin you can use YubiKey with WordPress. Joomla! supports YubiKey, like Google Authenticator, since version 3.2 Out-Of-The-Box.

    The setup is uncomplicated in both cases. In the user settings of WordPress and Joomla! you can then configure the two-factor authentication for each user individually.

      These systems and applications are supported by YubiKey
      • single sign-on
      • Computer Login
      • VPN
      • Password Manager
      • Gmail
      • LastPass
      • drop box
      • GitHub
      • Evernote
      • WordPress
      • Joomla!

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