Add a Product to Magento

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Learn how to add a simple example product to your Magento storefront, including which options to set so that the product displays on the site, how to add a description, and more basic options.


  • A server with Magento installed and running.

For information on how to install Magento on a server with Linux, see the related articles:

Add a Product

From the Dashboard, click Catalog > Products.

Add a product to Magento

Click ADD PRODUCT to expand the drop-down menu.

Add a product to Magento

You will need to choose a product type. For more information about product categories, see our article Magento Product Types. For this example we will choose Simple Product as the product type.

Add a product to Magento

Make sure that Enable Product is set to Yes. Leave Attribute Set at Default, then fill out an example Product Name, SKU, and Price.

Add a product to Magento

Set the Quantity. If you do not set a quantity for the item, Magento will flag it as being "out of stock," and the item will not be displayed on the site.

Make sure that Stock Status is set to In Stock for the same reason.

Either put in a Weight for the product and choose This item has weight, or leave Weight blank and change the setting to This item has no weight.

Set the Visibility to Catalog, Search. This will make your product visible on both the site's category pages, and in the search function.

Add a product to Magento

Click the Categories drop-down menu to set a category for the item. A new Magento installation will have only one default product category. You can also click New Category to create a new product category.

Add a product to Magento

Click Content to expand that section and add a product description.

Add a product to Magento

Fill out the Description and Short Description fields.

  • Description is a long description field which will be displayed on your site. This is where you can add details about your product, including HTML code if necessary.
  • Short Description is used in different ways by many Magento templates. In many cases, this is used as the item preview on the catalog page. This is also the field which is sent to Google and Amazon marketplaces. Thus, it is best to keep this description to 1-3 sentences, with no HTML code.

After you have added the Description and Short Description you may want to click on the other sections to add optional information, including a product image, assign Related Products, etc. However, this is not necessary for a beginning example product.

Click Save to save your example product.

Add a product to Magento

Your product will now be visible on the website, and by searching for the product name.

Add a product to Magento