Customize a Magento Theme

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Themes allow you to control and design the look and feel of your Magento storefront and pages. Themes can be used to customize the colors, fonts, and graphic design of your site. Learn how to edit and customize an existing Magento theme to suit your needs.


  • A server with Magento installed.

For information on how to install Magento on a server with Linux, see the related articles:

Customize the Magento Theme

Log in to the Magento admin area. Click Content. In the Design section, click Configuration.

Edit a Magento theme

Click the edit button in the row next the store to customize the design. In this example, we will customize the Default Store View, which is using the Magento Luma theme.

In this section you can customize the following elements:

  • Theme: Set a different Magento theme.
  • Pagination: Change how many items are shown per page, and the anchor text for the "Previous" and "Next" links.
  • HTML Head: Customize elements of the site's HTML head section, including the favicon, page title, meta description and keywords, and add a link to a CSS stylesheet.
  • Header: Customize elements at the top of the site, including the logo image and welcome text.
  • Footer: Customize elements at the bottom of the site, including adding HTML to be displayed before the </body> tag (such as Google Analytics tracking code), and a copyright notice.
  • Search Engine Robots: Customize the site's robots.txt file.
  • Product Image Watermarks: Add an image to be used as a watermark for product images, and customize the settings for the watermark.
  • Transactional Emails: Customize settings for emails sent by the site, including logos, and a header and footer template.