WordPress table plugins

WordPress table plugins: 6 solutions for your website

From displaying prices to presenting various offers or products, tables can be used when content needs to be presented in a clear way. With WordPress table plugins you can do exactly that on your website. We show you which plugins are suitable for adding tables to your WordPress sites as well as how it’s possible even without plugins.

Increase WordPress upload size

How to increase the WordPress upload size limit

You can’t upload large files on your WordPress site for some reason? The WordPress upload limit is there to ensure your server is secure and maintains its efficiency. Files that are too large cannot be uploaded unless the limit is increased. Our article explains how to increase your WordPress upload size in 5 different ways.

WordPress table of contents

WordPress table of contents: how to add one

A WordPress table of contents offers many advantages: more clarity, more user-friendliness, and a better ranking in search engines through optimised usability and page structure. A plugin is normally used to create a WordPress table of contents, but with a little skill it is also possible without resorting to a plugin and instead using jump links and a list block.

How to delete a WordPress theme

How to delete a WordPress theme

A WordPress site’s design should match its contents and be changed accordingly if you give your website a makeover, for example. This includes the theme you use. If it’s outdated or superfluous and you therefore want to get rid of it, you may be wondering how to delete a WordPress theme. The dashboard, WP-CLI, or FTP can help you out here. We show you how the process works.

WordPress plugin favourites

WordPress turns 19: our 19 favourite plugins

From boosting security and privacy to web development – there are plenty of useful WordPress plugins. Almost any conceivable field of application is now covered by the plethora of practical extensions. To celebrate the 19th birthday of the CMS, IONOS has decided to share its favourite plugins and you might be surprised.

WordPress themes: elements and structure

WordPress themes: elements and structure

The blog software, WordPress, has many strengths, one of them being that design and layout can be separated from the program core. This allows users to customise the appearance of website content using themes without having to interfere with the actual software. Here, we explain the function of WordPress themes, their components, and their structure.

Resetting WordPress

Resetting WordPress: Methods and tips

The flexibility of WordPress is both a blessing and a curse. It is all too easy to get entangled in a thicket of incompatible plugins. Then the site stops loading properly or fails to load completely. Wouldn’t it be nice to just start all over again? However, resetting a WordPress site is a complex undertaking. We’ll show you how to do it properly.

WordPress sitemap

Create a WordPress sitemap: better with plugins

A WordPress sitemap improves the search engine ranking of a website by providing structured data. But how can you implement one quickly and what features does WordPress provide to this end? A WordPress plugin is the quickest option to install a sitemap. Our guide reveals how to implement a WordPress sitemap and which parameters are relevant for Google and other search engines.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org: Which is more suitable for your website?

The winner of the WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org duel can be decided by carrying out a direct comparison of the two. Which option is more user-friendly, which is more flexible, and for which purposes are the two solutions best suited? In our article, you can find out whether WordPress.com or .org prevails and what differentiates or unites the two.

WordPress booking plugins

WordPress booking plugins: Introducing the top ten

By using a WordPress booking plugin on your website, you enable customers to make appointments or reservations quickly and easily. At the same time, the plugin calendar helps you to keep track of everything. In our article, we explain what makes a good booking plugin for WordPress and introduce you to ten recommended options and their features.

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