Embed YouTube videos in WordPress

Embed YouTube videos in WordPress: here’s how

Embedding YouTube videos in WordPress is simple enough to do using the CMS. However, if you want to customise movies, add a playlist, or boost a page’s loading speed, there are several plugins available to embed YouTube videos easily in WordPress. This article explains more about the different options available to you and how to embed videos.

WordPress GitHub

Using WordPress with GitHub: Advantages and application

Changes made by new themes or plugins can corrupt or affect a page. A version control system like GitHub ensures that all adjustments first take place in a safe environment and previous steps can be revisited. Even for WordPress, GitHub is a very useful addition. Learn all about the software and its many benefits here.

WordPress: rename wp-login

WordPress: Change the WP admin URL to protect your login page

WordPress enjoys great popularity not only among users, but also among criminals. The high degree of distribution and known security vulnerabilities basically invite illegal attacks on data and information. A popular target: the WordPress admin login. Learn in our article what the general problem with the login page is and how to change your WP admin URL in WordPress.

WordPress RSS feed

Use the WordPress RSS feed correctly: How it works

Keeping your finger on the pulse is important for blog and website owners. If subscribers lose interest because they miss information about new posts, they may not come back. A WordPress RSS feed provides a solution. Readers and subscribers of a website can simply subscribe to the RSS feed via browser or plugin and automatically receive news about the website.

Change WordPress permalink

Change WordPress permalink fast and easy

Changing the WordPress permalink to create meaningful URLs has multiple advantages. For example, search engine bots read the URL and rank it thematically for appropriate search queries. Website visitors also often use the URLs to find their way around. We show you how to change the WordPress permalink quickly and easily.

WordPress: robots.txt

WordPress robots.txt: how to set up the file

Search engines use crawlers to find new pages and index them for search. Although this is usually seen as a good thing, it can become annoying when parts of a website that aren’t meant for public eyes still get crawled. You can use robots.txt to exclude WordPress pages from crawlers. We explain how this works in our article.

WordPress meta description

How to add a meta description in WordPress

Appropriate meta descriptions for a WordPress site allow users to find and visit your sites faster and more frequently. It’s no wonder then that adding a meta description in WordPress is a recommended practice. Learn how to create meta descriptions for WordPress, what you should consider, and what makes for a good description.

WordPress: Redirect

How to set up WordPress redirects

If you change the domain, restructure your site, or delete posts, you may find that some URLs are no longer responsive. The solution is to implement a redirect. With WordPress, you can set one up manually or use a WordPress plugin to create a redirect. Read our article where we reveal how to redirect a page in WordPress.

WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets - definition and function

WordPress widgets are dynamic elements that can be used to add additional functionality and content to a WordPress website or blog. Numerous widgets are already included in WordPress, many more by external providers can also be installed. Used correctly, widgets make a website even more appealing and bespoke. Read on to find out more.

WordPress: iframe

Embedding files in WordPress with iframes is as easy as 1-2-3

Embedding videos, images, maps, and calendars in WordPress can quickly eat into your available file storage. To avoid page load speeds from decreasing, you can use iframes to embed content from other platforms or websites without burdening your media library. Find out how to use WordPress iframes manually or with a plugin.

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