WordPress update

WordPress update: how to update your website

WordPress updates protect your website from threats and keep it running smoothly. There are several options for updating your WordPress site. Read our article to find out why regular updates are important, when they need to be performed, what to look out for, and what options you have when it comes to updating WordPress.

WordPress: AMP Plugins

AMP for WordPress: The best WordPress AMP plugins

AMP WordPress plugins provide faster loading speeds for your WordPress sites on mobile devices. Whether users open your website on smartphones or on tablets, you can ensure optimal functionality with a WordPress AMP plugin. There are many extensions, but which one is really worth it? We provide you with an overview of the best AMP plugins for WordPress.

WordPress Icons

WordPress: adding icons explained simply

Using WordPress icons will not only brighten up your site, but also make it easier for readers to navigate. Icon Fonts in particular offer many advantages and there are numerous different pictograms available for every purpose. Our article explains what Icon Fonts are, how to add icons to WordPress, and where to find them.

WordPress social media plugins

WordPress: Social media plugins for your website

If you have a good product line or high-quality posts on your website, you’ll probably want to spread them far and wide on social media. Luckily there are numerous WordPress social media plugins that help you do exactly this. Keep reading our article to find out which features these plugins have and which ones are the best.

WordPress: Page Builder

What are the best WordPress page builders?

Back in the days, website design relied on elaborate programming. Nowadays, you can design a website in just a few simple steps using a WordPress page builder. Although the selection is huge and various WP page builders exist, not all of them are recommendable. Read on to find out the pros and cons of the five best WordPress page builders.

WordPress URL change

Change the WordPress URL: Three methods to make it happen

There are various reasons for having to do a WordPress URL change - be it transferring from a test environment to a live site or even a domain move. There are also different methods you can use for a WordPress site URL change: Dashboard, wpconfig.php file, or database - we explain the different options step by step in our article.

WordPress user roles

How to manage WordPress user roles

The order of content matters for your website and maintaining an optimal overview of topics covered becomes all the more important if you’ve got an entire team working on a website. To this end, WordPress roles define a user’s rights and abilities on a website. Read on to learn what WordPress user roles are, why they are useful, and how to assign appropriate permissions to new users.

Jekyll: the basic framework for web projects without databases

Jekyll tutorial – all you need to know

If you want to create a blog or a website, you have numerous options such as website builders or content management systems. However, these complete packages often prove to be far too extensive for many projects. The website generator, Jekyll, which is closely linked to the developer platform, GitHub, proves that simple web presences can also be created with few functions and without a database...

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress: how to do it and how to protect data

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress helps you to collect useful information about visitors to your website. This way, you can better pin down your target audience and tailor your marketing strategies to them. Here, we’ll show you how you can add Google Analytics to your WordPress website, and what you have to pay attention to in terms of data protection.

How much does WordPress cost?

How much does a WordPress website really cost?

It is a popular myth that WordPress is completely free – but this is only actually true in some specific conditions. Just getting hosting and a custom domain name already means that the costs are adding up. Here, we tell you how you can actually use the system for free and how much it really costs to build a WordPress website.

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