NFT - Non-Fungible Token

NFT – what are Non-Fungible Tokens?

Pictures, videos, games: in our digitalised world, plenty of objects exist in virtual format. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) were created to mark unique objects and assign ownership to them. They are based on blockchain technology and can be traded in a similar manner to cryptocurrency. Read on to find out how NFTs work and how to trade them.

How much does it cost to set up an online shop?

How much does it cost to set up an online shop?

For many brands and sellers, an online shop is essential. If you’re thinking about setting up your own e-commerce website, one of your first questions will no doubt be: how much does an online shop cost? The trouble is, it depends. Prices range from a few thousand pounds to well over £30,000! First, you need to know what systems and services you need. Sound complicated? Don’t worry – we’re here to...

Pin a website to the taskbar

Pin a website to the taskbar on Windows 10

Pinning a website to the taskbar - it’s not had with Windows 10. All you need is the Edge browser. If, however, you want to pin a web link from another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome to the Windows taskbar, there’s a little trick you need to know. Our article reveals how it works depending on the different browsers.


Guarantee: What you need to know as a consumer or business owner

If you’ve just bought a product and it turns out to be defective, your guarantee will kick into effect. This means that retailers and/or manufacturers are responsible for the products they sell, and consumers can enjoy a certain level of protection. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about guarantees.

Stripe vs. PayPal

Stripe vs. PayPal - Payment gateways at a glance

Choosing the right payment gateway is essential for a successful e-commerce business. Besides the well-known giant PayPal, there are a number of alternative providers. One of them is Stripe. Find out which advantages and disadvantages the two payment gateways offer and which provider is the right one for your web store in this Stripe vs. PayPal comparison.

Statutory rights

Statutory rights: what buyers and sellers should know

It can be a real nuisance: you order a product online, unpack it, only to discover a defect or fault. Your rights to claim a refund or repair are governed by your statutory rights. It is important to know which deadlines apply, what your options are, and how warranties and guarantees can be implemented by the retailer.

Merge data in Excel

Merging data in Excel: A step-by-step guide

If you want to compare data and run analyses, it is often necessary to merge data in Excel. This can quickly get messy though, depending on what kind of contents are in the table. Keep reading our article to find out how to use the Consolidate function as well as the Power Query Editor to successfully merge data in Excel.

Remove Excel read-only

Remove read-only in Excel files

Some Excel files have a write protection or are marked as final. If you want to edit such an Excel document, there are multiple options to unlock it. In our guide on how to unlock an Excel file from read-only we show options for different protection types like password protection, partially protected files, and finalized files.

The best PayPal alternatives

The best alternatives to PayPal at a glance

The UK loves shopping online because it’s so convenient. Until recently, online payment systems were heavily dominated by one industry heavyweight: PayPal. But not everyone is enthused by this payment method, having been criticised for both security as well as data protection issues. Fortunately, there are plenty of PayPal alternatives out there. We’ll introduce a few here.

Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal: what customers and store operators should know

Order items online, try them on at home, and return them if they don’t fit or aren’t to your liking – the statutory right of withdrawal allows customers to return goods or cancel sales within 14 days after receipt of an item. But what exactly are consumer cancellation rights, what are their exceptions, and how should store owners formulate cancellation rights. Read on to find out.

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