Delete Snapchat account

How to delete your Snapchat account


Snapchat’s recipe for success is that images and videos that have been sent are automatically deleted immediately after they have been viewed. However, many people will eventually want to delete their Snapchat account completely. There are several possible reasons for this – the...


YouTube alternatives: an overview of the best portals

The 10 best YouTube alternatives at a glance


YouTube has revolutionised the Internet: since it was founded, it has been inundated with video content and more than two billion users have been recorded. No other alternative has come close to this impressive number. But what are the other video portals are available and what...


Deleting a Telegram account

Deleting a Telegram account


Deleting a Telegram account is almost as easy as making one. We explain why people are making the move away from Telegram, how to completely delete your account, and what happens after you’re done. You should be aware that you can’t recover a deleted telegram account. Keep...


Google Stadia cloud gaming service

Stadia – Cloud Gaming from Google

Google Stadia lets you conveniently stream video games to your device. Google competes against Microsoft’s xCloud and other cloud gaming services. We’ll tell you what Google Stadia is all about and what requirements you need to meet in order to use it. We’ll also show you the details of Stadia’s offer and for whom Google’s streaming service is worthwhile.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud)

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud): A portrait of Microsoft’s service

Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly xCloud) is Microsoft’s video game streaming service. With a large selection of titles, the Xbox manufacturer wants to convince PC, smartphone, and tablet owners of the quality of its own games. We will show you whether xCloud is worthwhile for you and what advantages and disadvantages it provides.


Web3 – a new Internet revolution?

The Internet has been subject to constant innovation since its very inception. One future concept that’s currently being pursued by Silicon Valley masterminds is called Web3 and is based on the blockchain. The idea behind Web3 is to democratise the Internet and free it from monopolies. Find out what’s behind Web3 and how the new concept fits into the history of the Internet.

How to become a streamer

How to become a streamer on Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Whether Twitch or YouTube: Streaming platforms are becoming increasingly popular every year. If you want to become a streamer yourself, you've come to the right place. Read on to find out how to become a Twitch streamer, how live streaming works, and what accessories you need to get started yourself – including hardware and software.

Connect a computer to a TV

Connecting a PC with a TV: A few things to observe

Regardless of whether it is an online video on a flat screen, a large-format presentation, or pictures from a mobile phone on an HD TV; with a connection between a PC and television, content can easily be viewed on a larger screen. Our step-by-step instructions explain how to connect a PC with a TV, whether you will need a cable or Bluetooth, and which technical requirements must be met.

How to delete an EA account

Deleting an EA account: here’s how

Origin, better known as the ‘EA Desktop App’ is a download platform for the latest computer games from EA (Electronic Arts). Users need an EA account to download the games. However, if you no longer use the account, you should remove it if possible. We’ll show you how to delete an EA account.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts – Competition for TikTok and Instagram Reels

Creating short video clips with a smartphone has been popular ever since TikTok became a success. Now YouTube is also getting into the short video business. With YouTube Shorts, users can easily create clips in the YouTube app. We show you how to create YouTube Shorts and how YouTube’s alternative differs from the well-known formats of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Opera GX – Gaming browser

Opera GX – The gaming browser in check

Opera GX is the variant of the popular Opera browser carefully tailored to the demands of gamers. In addition to an individual design, the Special Edition is characterised by many practical functions and well-structured news feeds, among other things. We have summarised the gaming browser’s most important features and innovations for you.

YouTube alternatives: an overview of the best portals

The 10 best YouTube alternatives at a glance

YouTube has revolutionised the Internet: since it was founded, it has been inundated with video content and more than two billion users have been recorded. No other alternative has come close to this impressive number. But what are the other video portals are available and what do they have to offer? Here are the 10 best YouTube alternatives at a glance.

Nonprofit marketing: Success with social marketing

Nonprofit marketing: marketing for a good cause

Nonprofit organisations use advertising to successfully market their products. In contrast to profit organisations, however, they are not interested in big money, but in the successful outcome of their social project. Advertising for a good cause – that’s nonprofit marketing. However, there is still competition in this market. Here we explain what nonprofit marketing is, and how to make your own...

Online marketing

The IONOS Guide to Online Marketing: tips and expertise for all

There are many options and strategies for marketing content, products, and services online. In addition to traditional outlets (like banners or videos), e-commerce also lends itself particularly well to generating customer attention: methods like search engine, affiliate, and social media marketing are all part and parcel of a good online marketing mix. In our guide on the topic, we’ve compiled important information on the basics of online marketing and have also included plenty of expert-level tips.

Who should use our Online Marketing Guide?

From beginners to experienced professionals, this guide offers individuals of all competency levels relevant tips for successful online marketing. And online marketing basics are just as much a part of this guide as expert-level topics (‘Cloaking–an SEO blackout’ or ‘Canvas fingerprinting–web tracking without Cookies’). Readers looking to set up e-commerce platforms or become online marketers stand to gain a lot with this content. Small and mid sized companies aiming to enter the online market or expand their marketing skills will also find useful resources here (e.g. ‘Creating a business plan for your online store’, ‘8 tips for successful online store marketing’, or ‘Successful social media marketing’).

How the guide is structured

The articles are divided into four different subcategories. Under ‘Online sales’, you’ll find texts on how to construct and operate an online shop. In addition to the fundamentals of online marketing, there’s a lot of information on how to upgrade your web store located in this section. The subcategory, ‘Social media’ provides tips on how to win over customers and create campaigns within today’s conventional social media networks. Here, you can find out how to execute different strategies in varying levels of complexity. Under the keyword, ‘Social media marketing’, there are articles on search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) as well as useful online marketing tips for relevant tools and techniques. The fourth and final subcategory, ‘Web analytics’, covers different approaches and tools for gathering data on visitor behavior and how to create web statistics (e.g. with Google Analytics). IONOS’s Online Marketing Guide is a one-stop shop for clear and comprehensive information on online business and online marketing. 

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