Conan Exiles server

Conan Exiles: server for your own gaming world

Wander the exiled lands with your friends. When you create a server for Conan Exiles, you gain full control over how and with whom to enjoy the game in multiplayer mode. It doesn’t take long to create the server, but a few settings are necessary. We explain how to create a Conan Exiles server step-by-step.

Google Stadia cloud gaming service

Stadia – Cloud Gaming from Google

Google Stadia lets you conveniently stream video games to your device. Google competes against Microsoft’s xCloud and other cloud gaming services. We’ll tell you what Google Stadia is all about and what requirements you need to meet in order to use it. We’ll also show you the details of Stadia’s offer and for whom Google’s streaming service is worthwhile.

Vendor Lock-In

What is vendor lock-in and how can you avoid it?

The term vendor lock-in has traditionally been used in connection with the use of proprietary software. But vendor lock-in also plays a crucial role in the age of the cloud. How exactly does vendor lock-in happen and what measures can a company take to protect itself? Read on to find out how to prevent it.

Raspberry Pi projects

30 Raspberry Pi projects that show the possibilities of the mini computer

Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive micro-computer that can behave like a standard computer in many respects. The innovative mini device can be used for a wide range of tasks - from setting up an operating system to surfing the web, to using it as a server or a media centre. Discover 30 interesting Raspberry Pi projects to try out at home.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows Cloud PC

On August 2 2021, Windows introduced Windows 365 Cloud PC. This means that Windows is now offering completely virtual PCs. Users have access to all Microsoft apps from the browser, whatever the device, and regardless of whether they are accessing the PC from home, on the road, or from the office. All processes run via the cloud. Let’s take a closer look at the new Cloud PC.

AWS alternatives

AWS Alternatives and how to find them

When we think of cloud computing, the abbreviation AWS immediately springs to mind: Amazon Web Services. After all, AWS has always been the market leader in cloud computing. However, AWS is not the best solution for every company. Today, there are several excellent AWS alternatives. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes a good cloud service provider and how to make the best choice.

Private vs. public cloud

Public cloud vs. private cloud: cloud models explained

No two clouds are the same. Anyone looking to use cloud services will soon ask themselves the question: public cloud vs. private cloud – which cloud model is better suited to my purposes? The answer to this depends on your individual requirements. Here, we explore the differences between the two cloud types as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

HPC – High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing: how HPC solutions work

High Performance Computing is also known as supercomputing and refers to powerful computing. HPC solutions use specific technologies to handle computationally intensive tasks and process large amounts of data. For this, parallel computing processes and aggregated systems are used. Find out more about HPC and which processes are available here.

Benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing: The benefits

Cloud computing has established itself as the dominant model when it comes to IT infrastructure. Instead of operating hardware themselves, companies rent the required resources and services. For most businesses, this approach offers numerous advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, data protection, and collaboration. We provide an overview and conclude with the disadvantages of cloud computing.

Function as a Service (FaaS)

Function as a Service: a good option for fast development

Cloud computing services are on the rise. This gives developers the opportunity to concentrate entirely on programming application packages. Provisioning by FaaS providers accelerates development and eliminates the need to manage server infrastructures. Automatic scaling and more efficient cost structures make FaaS a solid alternative to classic programming.

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