netstat commands

netstat commands for Windows, Linux, and Mac at a glance

You can use the netstat network tool in Windows as well as in macOS and Linux via the respective command line program. Depending on the system you are working with, you only need the appropriate netstat commands to check the status of active and inactive connections. We have summarised all important netstat commands for common operating systems.

Podman vs. Docker

Podman vs. Docker – what is the future in the container world?

Since Red Hat announced that it was discontinuing support for Docker with RHEL 8, its successor has got more attention. Can Podman properly replace Docker? Our comparison of podman vs docker introduces the two and highlights where the younger system shines, which weaknesses it still has, and which one wins out. Read on to find out more.

Telnet – the system-wide remote protocol

What Telnet is and how do you enable it?

Remote access to remote computer systems has always been a part of well-organised networks. Administrators can manage individual users as well as work on the move since it’s possible to access company data with a remote connection. One of the first protocols developed specifically for this purpose was Telnet. Read more here.

Telnet commands

Telnet commands: An overview

You use Telnet commands to control the connection between your PC or laptop and an external system, such as a web server. It is not only important to know the corresponding commands, but also which are appropriate. This is because Telnet commands are only effective when parameters are specified. Read on to find out more.

Opening ZIP Files

Opening ZIP Files

ZIP is the standard container format for archive files. Even when sending lossless-compressed files, ZIP is usually the format of choice. Generally, anyone can open ZIP files. Suitable tools are offered by all common operating systems. However, special ZIP programs such as WinZip, WinRAR, and 7-Zip provide a greater range of functions.

Deactivating JavaScript

Deactivating JavaScript instructions for Firefox, Chrome, and IE

JavaScript is ubiquitous in the world wide web. The scripting language adds interactive elements to websites and has significantly changed the appearance of online offers. Hardly any of today’s web pages can work without scripts that are executed on the website visitor’s computer. However, this also entails risks. All common web browsers also provide their users with functions that can restrict or...

Enable JavaScript

Enable JavaScript: How to turn on the script language in your browser

It’s hard to imagine the modern web without JavaScript. Next to HTML and CSS, the programming language plays a decisive role in the implementation of user-friendly and attractive web projects. A website without scripts written in JavaScript that provides the desired amount of interactivity is hardly possible. In this guide, we explain why many users decide to block the language in their browser...

Angular vs React

Angular vs. React: A comparison of the JavaScript solutions

Angular vs. React is a competition that divides the developer community. The two frameworks both enjoy a large fanbase and come with numerous advantages. We explain what Angular and React are, what they have in common, what distinguishes them, and what kinds of projects each of them is suited to. Read on to find out more.

Renaming a Git Branch

Git Branch: How to rename a local and remote branch

Renaming a Git branch is easily done. But there are differences between local and remote branches. In this article, you will learn how repository and branches act, what you need to do if you want to rename a Git branch, and which commands are crucial for this. This will help you get back to work on your project quickly.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot: The programming assistant at a glance

In the future, GitHub Copilot is supposed to be able to help developers create code and even write their own blocks. Currently, however, the GitHub AI is still in the testing phase. Here you can find out what GitHub Copilot is, what advantages it could bring you, and what known problems there currently are with the tool.

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