Connect a computer to a TV

Connecting a PC with a TV: A few things to observe

Regardless of whether it is an online video on a flat screen, a large-format presentation, or pictures from a mobile phone on an HD TV; with a connection between a PC and television, content can easily be viewed on a larger screen. Our step-by-step instructions explain how to connect a PC with a TV, whether you will need a cable or Bluetooth, and which technical requirements must be met.

How to delete an EA account

Deleting an EA account: here’s how

Origin, better known as the ‘EA Desktop App’ is a download platform for the latest computer games from EA (Electronic Arts). Users need an EA account to download the games. However, if you no longer use the account, you should remove it if possible. We’ll show you how to delete an EA account.

Reddit delete account

Delete your Reddit account: here’s how

As a versatile online forum and social news aggregator, Reddit gives users the opportunity to exchange ideas, share information, and create content. Posts that are well received are rewarded with upvotes, which are the equivalent of Likes on other platforms. However, if you want to turn your back on Reddit, that’s no problem: Our instructions will show how to delete your Reddit account.

How to change a WhatsApp profile picture

WhatsApp: How to change your profile picture step by step

There are two possible ways to change your WhatsApp profile picture from within the app itself: You can either select an image from your phone’s gallery or you can directly take a new photo with your camera and apply that as the profile picture. We will explain how to change your WhatsApp photo in just a few simple steps.

Create WordPress menu

Create a WordPress menu in a few simple steps

A website menu is a core element to make it easier for your website visitors to navigate your pages and find the information they’re looking for. If your site is built with WordPress, you can create a WordPress menu in the admin section of the CMS. We show you how to create a WordPress menu, add items, and edit or delete them in this step-by-step guide.

Duplication of WordPress pages

How to duplicate WordPress pages – a step-by-step guide

There are lots of reasons why you might want to copy WordPress pages. If you want to create lots of similar pages for your WordPress site, it’s much easier to copy one page and edit it than to create the pages one by one. In this guide we’re going to explain three simple ways of duplicating WordPress pages and posts: using a plugin, using the Gutenberg editor, and using the WordPress Code Editor.

How to connect two monitors to a laptop

How to connect two monitors to a laptop

If your home office feels a bit cramped or gaming on a single desktop monitor isn’t the immersive experience you’d hoped for, you can connect two monitors to a laptop. Whether you prefer to use both screens in parallel or only one of them – the choice is yours. Find out which hardware requirements are necessary and how to connect two monitors to a laptop.

Rotate screen

Rotate your screen – it’s easy!

There are different reasons for why you might want to rotate your computer screen. Some users rotate their screen to use it as an upright, vertical display. Others have done this by mistake. Luckily, Windows 7, 8, and 10 offer an easy fix for adjusting display settings. You might even be able to use shortcuts on your PC or laptop to rotate your screen.

How to delete a comment on Facebook

How to delete a comment on Facebook

Generally, it is possible to delete your or other people’s comments on Facebook if it contains a superfluous character or violates the user guidelines of the social network. In this article we explain how to delete comments on Facebook, what you need to keep in mind, and when it is better to simply leave a comment as it is.

Hiding comments on Facebook

Hiding a comment on Facebook: Step-by-step guide

A heated interaction with friends or customers is actually what social media lives on. However, it’s important that comments don’t get offensive or bad for your business. If the tone of a discussion on your page is getting inappropriate, you can hide individual Facebook comments. Keep reading to find out how to do this.

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