Pin a website to the taskbar

Pin a website to the taskbar on Windows 10

Pinning a website to the taskbar - it’s not had with Windows 10. All you need is the Edge browser. If, however, you want to pin a web link from another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome to the Windows taskbar, there’s a little trick you need to know. Our article reveals how it works depending on the different browsers.

Cut YouTube video

Cut YouTube videos with YouTube video editor

YouTube offers the integrated YouTube video editor for quick changes and cuts to videos without the need for professional tools. YouTube videos which have been uploaded can be edited and cut at any point in the video using the editor. We will explain how to set trim marks and edit YouTube videos in our useful tutorial.

Block YouTube ads

Block YouTube ads: On Android and desktop

It can be annoying when you want to watch a video on YouTube and there is an annoying ad break every few minutes. Since YouTube is financed mainly through advertising, you might think ads are part of the package. However, you don’t have to put up with them! Thanks to adblockers, YouTube will also work without ads. We’ll explain how to block YouTube ads.

How to upload a YouTube video

How to upload a YouTube video - a step-by-step guide

Do you want to upload a video to YouTube? This can be done in just a few simple steps. In doing so, not only the quality of the video is important, but also the captions and appropriate embeddedness in order to promote the clip. We explain how to upload a video to YouTube and what you should keep in mind to reach as many people as possible.

YouTube channel name change

Change YouTube channel name: how to rename your channel

Changing your own YouTube name is easy. Previously, if users changed their YouTube channel name, their Google account name was automatically adjusted too. But since YouTube amended its guidelines, channel name changes no longer affect Google accounts. Learn how to change your YouTube channel name and what to look out for in our guide.

Gmail spam filter

Gmail spam filter: Setting it up and optimising it correctly

Gmail’s spam filtering functions completely independently and achieves great results. However, the defense works even better if you configure the Gmail spam filter settings and optimise them over time. In this text, we will explain what options you have with the spam filter and what you should bear in mind when using it.

Change language in Gmail

Change language in Gmail: easy browser and app guide

Whether you’re travelling or you’ve accidentally changed the language on your PC or smartphone – if Gmail is suddenly no longer displayed in the language of your choice, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, changing your Gmail language doesn’t require any major detours. You can easily change the Gmail language both in the browser and on mobile devices.

Windows 11 screenshot

Take a Windows 11 screenshot – here’s how

There are plenty of good reasons why you may want to take a screenshot in Windows 11. Perhaps you want to document an error message to share with IT or maybe you need to capture a moment in a program that doesn’t offer a corresponding function. Our guide shows you how to take a screenshot in Windows 11 using key combinations or the Snipping Tool.

Create screenshot in Linux

How to create screenshots in Linux

While screenshots can be made quite easily on Windows or macOS, things are a bit more complicated when it comes to Linux. We will explain what options you have to take quick and professional screenshots in Linux, what tools are available to you for this purpose, and what additional features they offer you. Read on to find out.

What is latency?

What is latency?

A response as close to real time as possible is often what we expect from online games and websites. But long transmission paths and other factors slow down the data flow — we are talking about high latency. Exactly what latency is, how it is caused and what users can do to improve their latency on the Internet in particular, you will find out here.

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