What is latency?

What is latency?

A response as close to real time as possible is often what we expect from online games and websites. But long transmission paths and other factors slow down the data flow — we are talking about high latency. Exactly what latency is, how it is caused and what users can do to improve their latency on the Internet in particular, you will find out here.

Set Outlook as default mail client

Set Outlook as the default mail client: Here’s how

Do you work with different email programs at the same time, but don’t want to log in to email accounts separately? In that case you can use Microsoft Outlook as a central default program for all emails. If you set Outlook as the default email client, emails from different accounts can be sent and received in one user interface.

Linux grep command

Linux grep command: Everything you need to know

With the Linux grep command, you can search and filter even large files in Linux very quickly and accurately for characters or strings. We will explain what grep is, how the command is structured, and what possibilities grep commands offer you. We’ve put together some practical examples so you can see how grep works in practice.

Chrome screenshots

Screenshots in Chrome: the three best methods

There are several ways to create screenshots in Google Chrome. Besides simply storing them, an editor tool can be useful to crop images afterwards. There are also some useful keyboard shortcuts. Read on to find out more about the options available to take Chrome screenshots and how to screenshot in Chrome step by step.

Linux echo command

Linux echo command: Examples and explanation

How does the bash echo command work in Linux? How can you use it to output text and other information? Learn everything about the syntax of this popular and useful command, how it is used, what the control characters for ‘echo’ are, and how to use it to specify colours and other text properties.


ESXi: What it is and why it’s useful

The native hypervisor ESXi enables you to create entire virtual server environments simply and securely. Since ESXi doesn’t need its own underlying operating system, it’s very efficient with resources and space. Keep reading our article to find out what ESXi is, the advantages it brings with it, and what it’s used for.


ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID: understand and fix the error

ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID is an error message shown by Chrome when there are problems with a website’s security certificate. This error message prevents you from accidentally visiting an unsafe website and it keeps visitors safe from third parties trying to steal their data. Here is how to fix the error with different methods.


ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS: How to fix the error

Too many redirects! If a redirect or forwarding to a website does not work properly, your browser will inform you of this error, preventing you from getting stuck in an infinite loop. In our article, you will learn exactly what ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is, how the problem arises, and what you can do when there are simply too many redirects.

XMP profiles for overclocking

XMP – the easy way to overclock your RAM

Overclocking is a technique that squeezes extra performance out of RAM and other hardware components, but it can be a risky process, so it is usually best left to the experts. Thanks to Intel’s XMP technology, however, even beginners can improve the performance of their RAM. Sounds good? Read our guide to find out how.

Firefox: taking screenshots

Firefox screenshots made easy

For a long time, you could only take Firefox screenshots with add-ons, Windows tools, or third-party software. However, Mozilla now has its own built-in Firefox screenshot extension, which can be used to easily take a Firefox screenshot. This article will tell you what functions the tool has and how to use the Firefox screenshot shortcut.

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