Rotate videos

Rotate a video: it’s simple with these tools

The video looks perfect on your smartphone, but on your computer, it’s upside down or vertical. No problem, because with the right program, you can rotate a video in just a few clicks. Find out which video software you can use to rotate videos and how it works here.

Chrome set homepage

Set your homepage in Chrome – here’s how!

On the Google Chrome homepage, users usually see Google’s search bar. If you prefer to have current news, your recently used tabs, or just a blank page as your Chrome homepage, then you can easily set this. Find out how to change your Chrome homepage in just a few steps here.

YouTube cover photo

Creating a YouTube cover photo: Dimensions, uploading instructions, and design tips

You have to make sure that you use the right dimensions for YouTube cover photos when you make your YouTube banner image. There are standard guidelines for this and we will explain them to you in simple and clear terms in this post. You will also read about what you should keep in mind when dealing with text like your YouTube channel name and what makes for a successful YouTube banner.

Facebook: Image sizes

Facebook image sizes explained

Facebook image sizes are an important issue for businesses. Today, a professional, customisable appearance on social media is part of a corporate image. But if you want to generate attention and interaction, you also have to offer high-quality content. This includes optimal image sizes and formats that turn your Facebook page into an engaging business card.


Netsh – how to manage networks with Netsh commands

Netsh is a versatile command line tool for administrating networks on Windows. Once you’ve learned the syntax and its special structure, you can solve a range of tasks and problems. Get to know the Netsh commands and find out how to administrate Windows networks comfortably, and efficiently via Windows command prompt.

Checking open ports

Port tests: Checking open ports with a port check

Ports are the doors through which operating systems and software communicate with the Internet. Data can be transmitted in both directions via open ports and assigned to specific target addresses and local applications. At the same time, open ports can create a vulnerability and a point of entry for malware and hackers. As such, regularly checking for open ports is recommended. Learn how to check...

Kinit command

Kinit command explained

To provide enhanced cyber security, the Kerberos security protocol uses an authorisation method based on the ticket granting process. To obtain or renew a ticket from the respective authentication server or key distribution center, the modifiable Kinit command is used. Here, we explain what the command is all about and how to use it in practice.

Multiboot USB

Multiboot USB: How to create a Multiboot USB

If you need to reinstall Windows or Linux or alternatively repair damaged data, you’ll probably be familiar with using USB or CD. However, with a Multiboot USB, it is no longer necessary to have separate data mediums for each process: A Multiboot USB combines everything in one. We’ll tell you how this works.

Linux pipes

Linux pipes explained

A Linux pipe allows two or more commands to be used so that the output of the first becomes the input for the next. In other words, the output of one process is redirected and used as input for another process. Learn how to use pipes in Linux here.

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