Windows 11: Partition hard drive

Partition a hard drive in Windows 11: How it works

Storing files on different hard disks can be useful for many reasons – for example, to install multiple operating systems or to optimise backup and recovery mechanisms. In the following sections, you will learn how to partition a hard drive in Windows 11 and how to delete or merge existing partitions. Read on to find out more.

Install SteamCMD

SteamCMD: how to install the command line client

SteamCMD is the command line version of the well-known Steam client. Once you connect to a gaming platform, you can use the tool to download dedicated server applications for games, among other things. Learn how to download SteamCMD and how to install the software on Windows and Linux in our handy article on the topic.

Screen brightness settings in Windows

Screen brightness in Windows: 5 ways to adjust the brightness settings

While you’re working on your computer, the background lighting in your environment will vary. To protect your eyes and prevent headaches, you should adapt the screen brightness to these changing conditions. Windows gives you different options for this. Our article shows you the various ways to set the brightness settings.

Nextcloud installation with Docker

Nextcloud with Docker: How to install

Cloud software has become an essential part of the modern world. Without any work from the user, software like Dropbox, OneDrive, and OwnCloud synchronise data and files across devices. We explain how to install the open-source software Nextcloud with Docker and show you step by step how to build the configuration files you’ll need.


What is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?

An IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, is a chat system that allows you to communicate in writing with people anywhere in the world – in near real time. We will show you how to set up an IRC and what to bear in mind when using it. In addition, we’ll run through the advantages and disadvantages of an IRC, as well as some specific use scenarios.

Docker commands

Docker commands

Docker commands are used to control the Docker engine on a local host. When entered via the command line, they are translated into API calls to the Docker daemon. Docker commands can be used to manage images, containers, and volumes. If you tend to work with the software regularly, it is worth knowing a wide range of Docker commands.

Creating Docker Images

Creating Docker Images With Docker Commit and Dockerfiles

Once you have learned the basics of working with Docker, the next step is to learn how to create and save your own images. There are two ways to create a Docker image: manually using the `docker commit` command, or automatically using a Dockerfile.

How to open epub files

How do you open epub files?

For digital publications and e-books, epub files are the most suitable format. Numerous free and paid programs can open the epub file type or convert them if needed. Our article explains what the epub file format is, what it’s used for, what software it’s suitable for, and its advantages and disadvantages. Read on for more.

Eco Server setup

Create an Eco server: What you need for your own Eco dedicated server

Do you want to play Eco with friends and acquaintances? And also enjoy total freedom when it comes to game configuration? All of this is possible with your own Eco server. It’s easy to install and configure your server with the Steam client once the hosting environment has been set up. We’ll give you an overview of what to consider when hosting and using the Eco dedicated server.

Minecraft: Server domain

Assign a Minecraft server to a domain

Minecraft is way more fun when you play the creativity and adventure filled game with friends. That’s why it’s a good idea to set up your own server. In order for you and your fellow players not having to enter a bulky IP address for the connection, you can link the Minecraft server to a domain. To do this, you just need to create two DNS records.

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