ASCII-Codes | Overview of all characters on the ASCII table

ASCII: explanation and examples

Every day we work with text on PCs, smartphones, and tablets and expect letters, numbers, and characters to appear on the monitor before us. The fact is that there is a decades-old coding system behind this everyday function. Since the 1960s, ASCII has determined how computers interpret our input. We explain how ASCII code works.

How to format hard drives on Windows

How to format hard drives on Windows

Formatting a hard drive prepares a disk for use with Windows. It can subsequently be used for file storage or as a backup medium, for example. Formatting is not a major problem with Windows as all the required functions are available as on-board tools. Find out how to format a hard drive and when it is useful to do so.

How to print an Outlook email

How to print an Outlook email – tips for quick and simple printing

The paperless office is already a reality in many places – but sometimes you still want to read a physical, printed email. In this beginner-friendly article, we’ll show you how to print your mails easily and quickly in the Microsoft Outlook program. In addition, you will learn how to set up user-friendly icons and buttons in the menu bar that you can use for quick printing in Outlook 365.

Deleting your Kik account

Deleting your Kik account: how it works with the link

Kik Messenger is a popular messenger service alternative that does not require a phone number. However, if you want to say goodbye to Kik Messenger, you have to delete your Kik account. This is done via a special page on Kik’s website, and a deactivation link sent via email. Our instructions will tell you what to do and what you need to bear in mind.

Deleting Netflix profile and account

How to delete a Netflix account and user profiles

Netflix lets you create up to five profiles in one account, so that different users can configure their own settings. You can delete or modify these profiles at any time. Deleting Netflix profiles doesn’t delete your Netflix account though – there’s a different process for that. We give instructions for both options below.

Delete Steam account

Delete your steam account: here’s how

If you no longer want to use Steam for downloads or to play computer games, you may want to delete your Steam account. In that case, it’s recommended to fully remove your data from the database. Unfortunately, this is currently only possible via Steam Support. If you want to delete your account, submit a deletion request. Here’s how this works.

How to change your Twitch name

How to change your Twitch name: Mobile and PC

If you use Twitch as a streamer, you’ll associate a Twitch name with your community. If you no longer like the Twitch name you chose when you registered, you can change it in a few steps. It’s straightforward, but the change is not possible at any time and affects your channel URL. We’ll explain how to change your Twitch name correctly on your PC and mobile.

Twitch overlay

How do you create your own Twitch overlay?

A distinct Twitch overlay ensures that your own channel stands out and that content can be shared quickly and easily with followers. For streamers, the design of a broadcast is part of the brand. As such, in addition to ready-made stream overlays, there is also the option of creating a personal Twitch overlay. We’ll explain to you what you’ll need.

Twitch Streaming: Tutorials for PC, PS4 and Xbox

Twitch stream tutorial: how do you stream on Twitch?

Twitch has become of the most popular streaming platforms worldwide in recent years. Gamers in particular, will get their money’s worth with the wide range of video game broadcasts. But what exactly are the requirements and challenges that need to be met or mastered when publishing and maintaining a stream on Twitch? Our Twitch Stream tutorial provides guides for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation users.

Create RTMP Server

Create a RTMP server – step-by-step to your streaming server

Whether it’s gaming, e-learning, or lifestyle – streaming content online enjoys huge popularity and content can be broadcast on platforms like Twitch. But there is another way. With your own RTMP server, you retain full control over your streams. The necessary software for this is available free of charge online and installation is as easy as 1-2-3.

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