WordPress debug

WordPress debug: Find errors on your site

WordPress debug mode is a safe and easy way to identify errors on your website. You can check your online presence either manually or by using a plugin. In this article, we will introduce you to WordPress debug, explain how it can help you, and reveal the best way to test your website to ensure there are no errors lurking.

WordPress URL change

Change the WordPress URL: Three methods to make it happen

There are various reasons for having to do a WordPress URL change - be it transferring from a test environment to a live site or even a domain move. There are also different methods you can use for a WordPress site URL change: Dashboard, wpconfig.php file, or database - we explain the different options step by step in our article.

WordPress update

WordPress update: how to update your website

WordPress updates protect your website from threats and keep it running smoothly. There are several options for updating your WordPress site. Read our article to find out why regular updates are important, when they need to be performed, what to look out for, and what options you have when it comes to updating WordPress.

Increase WordPress upload size

How to increase the WordPress upload size limit

You can’t upload large files on your WordPress site for some reason? The WordPress upload limit is there to ensure your server is secure and maintains its efficiency. Files that are too large cannot be uploaded unless the limit is increased. Our article explains how to increase your WordPress upload size in 5 different ways.

WordPress plugin favourites

WordPress turns 19: our 19 favourite plugins

From boosting security and privacy to web development – there are plenty of useful WordPress plugins. Almost any conceivable field of application is now covered by the plethora of practical extensions. To celebrate the 19th birthday of the CMS, IONOS has decided to share its favourite plugins and you might be surprised.

WordPress RSS feed

Use the WordPress RSS feed correctly: How it works

Keeping your finger on the pulse is important for blog and website owners. If subscribers lose interest because they miss information about new posts, they may not come back. A WordPress RSS feed provides a solution. Readers and subscribers of a website can simply subscribe to the RSS feed via browser or plugin and automatically receive news about the website.

WordPress table of contents

WordPress table of contents: how to add one

A WordPress table of contents offers many advantages: more clarity, more user-friendliness, and a better ranking in search engines through optimised usability and page structure. A plugin is normally used to create a WordPress table of contents, but with a little skill it is also possible without resorting to a plugin and instead using jump links and a list block.

WordPress: iframe

Embedding files in WordPress with iframes is as easy as 1-2-3

Embedding videos, images, maps, and calendars in WordPress can quickly eat into your available file storage. To avoid page load speeds from decreasing, you can use iframes to embed content from other platforms or websites without burdening your media library. Find out how to use WordPress iframes manually or with a plugin.

WordPress menu plugins

The best WordPress menu plugins

WordPress menu plugins are designed to help you make your website easy to navigate. Thanks to features such as mega menus, sticky menus, animated flyouts and more, you can structure and style your menus to suit your content and ensure a great user experience. In this guide we present some of the best WordPress menu plugins and share some tips to help you choose the right plugin for you.

WordPress: Slider plugins

WordPress slider: An overview of the seven best slider plugins

WordPress offers users the possibility to highlight relevant content in the form of a slider on their own website. This can be done particularly fast and easy with the help of a WordPress slider plugin. It’s simple to do — even beginners can create a professional WordPress slider. We present the best WordPress slider providers.

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