Screen readers: enabling the blind to work on computers

Many blind and visually impaired people use powerful tools and software to operate computers and use the internet. Screen readers are particularly important, since they can read text content and facilitate navigation. For this to happen, it is important for web content to be as accessible as possible – otherwise it cannot always be read correctly. We explain how screen readers work exactly and...

What is Haskell?

What is Haskell? A portrait of the Haskell functional programming language

Hardly any other language presents the range of functional programming languages as clearly as Haskell. Since the 1990s, the lambda-calculus based language has been the de facto standard in terms of functional programming paradigms. We will explain what Haskell is, how it differs from other programming languages, and which projects it is suitable for.

What is a .md file?

What is a .md file and how can I open one?

Looking at the extension of a file, quickly tells you what kind of file it is – a PDF, an image, etc. But sometimes you’ll come across an extension you haven’t encountered before. One example that not many users are familiar with is the MD file extension. That’s why we’ve put together this article. It explains what .md files are and presents a few free programs for Windows and macOS that you can...

Readme File

Readme: key details at a glance – including a template

A readme file is often the first port of call when starting a project, installing software or running an update. For developers, it’s hugely important for integrating public repositories (from GitHub, for example) into a project. In this article, we explain all about readme files and also offer you a template.

Web scraping with Python

Web scraping with Python: introduction and tutorial

Web scraping lets you extract information from websites automatically. The programming language Python is particularly popular to this end. Here, you will learn why Python is well-suited for web scraping, what the legal risks are, and what alternatives are available. Use our tutorial on web scraping with Python to get started with the BeautifulSoup tool.

Coding for kids

Coding for kids: how children learn to program and have fun doing it

Learning to program can be fun for children if they are taught in an age-appropriate manner. Using visual programming languages, intuitive procedures, and engaging projects, they can learn the basics on their own and slowly expand their knowledge as the level of difficulty increases. This allows them to develop computer skills at an early age and have fun doing so.

JSON Web Token (JWT)

JSON Web Token (JWT): an introduction

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) are an open standard for flexible user authentication. Data is securely transferred between two parties and can be verified. Digital signatures ensure the credibility of the data. Keep reading to find out what exactly a JWT is and how it works with JWT examples.

What are Dark Patterns?

Dark Patterns in UX design – deception and deceit!

Dark Patterns are all over the internet – on shopping sites, email platforms, download portals, search engines, social networks, and so on. But their goal is always the same: to coerce visitors into buying a particular product or click on a link. If you want to find out more about Dark Patterns and how they manipulate the user experience (UX), continue reading.

Git Tutorial

Git basics: first steps with the version control system

Born out of need, Git – developed by the Linux team – has quickly become the dominant version control system for many programmers. That’s because large developer platforms like GitHub or BitBucket are based on the open-source software. Read our complete Git tutorial for beginners and learn the key basics of Git.

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