Alt Gr key

Alt Gr key: how to access hidden keyboard functions

Most of the keys on a computer keyboard have several functions. For example, some common symbols such as the $ or the @ sign are hidden behind other keys. The most convenient way to access these is to press the Alt Gr button, which can be substituted by the Alt and Ctrl keys on US keyboards. Learn about the most important shortcuts and how to access the special characters using the Alt Gr key.

Bootstrap 5 – what’s new

Bootstrap 5: the most important updates

What are the updated features? Bootstrap 5 is meant to simplify the creation of modern, elegant websites. Its creators promise improved loading times, a better user experience, and more meaningful code. No more jQuery, no more Internet Explorer support, but more flexibility to successfully develop websites.

Alt key on Mac

The Alt key on the Mac keyboard: functions and special characters

Do you use the Alt key on your keyboard? There are many practical functions for this key which often goes unused. However, it is well worth checking out. The Alt key on the Mac keyboard gives you access to many hidden functions and special characters. We will show you what this key can do and which keyboard shortcuts you can use to greatly simplify using your computer.

What is a callback function?

What are callback functions?

If you want to be able to react to input on your website, eventually you will have to deal with callback functions. This type of function enables you to design your own web project with JavaScript to operate in a personalised and interactive way. In this article, you will learn what a callback function is, how it works and in which programming languages it is still used.

Fn key

Fn key: How to enable or disable the Fn button

Did you know that on very small keyboards there is a numeric keypad you can activate? You can access this along with other useful functions by using the Fn key. If you want to be able to use these functions without having to use a keyboard shortcut, all you need to do is enable or disable this key. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this and which specific functions you need to be able to...

Ctrl key

The Ctrl key: explanation and important shortcuts

The Ctrl key only has a function when it is combined with other keys. There are a variety of Ctrl key shortcuts which enable you to perform common commands in programs or in the operating system with exceptional speed. These can save time because you no longer need to access a function using the mouse or accessing it via the menu. We have compiled an overview of the most important shortcuts for...

Alt key

Alt key: basics and important key combinations

On its own, the Alt key has no assigned function. In combination with other keys, however, it allows quick access to commands in Windows and its programs. By using these key combinations, you can save time and work more efficiently. We’ve summarised the most important shortcuts and key combinations for using the Alt key.

Option key on Macs

Option key on Mac: How to use the Opt key to save time

The Option key on Macs offers plenty of functions that simplify working with your Mac and streamline various working processes. But where can you find the Opt key on your Mac keyboard, and what functions does it control? We’ll show you what the special key is for and a number of helpful key commands.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox: installing unsafe programs in an isolated environment

Windows Sandbox has been implemented in the operating system as of version 10 Pro. It allows users to install unsafe programs in an isolated environment, without affecting the actual operating system. The Windows feature is usually deactivated in the settings menu. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to turn on Windows Sandbox.

What is sandboxing?

Sandboxing: purpose and application explained

What is sandboxing? The technical term “sandboxing” is used in software development and cyber security. It describes an isolated environment that allows you to run software in a protected manner. This has the advantage that unfinished or harmful computer programs can neither alter nor damage an operating system.

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