UML component diagram

UML component diagrams: efficient modelling systems with software modules

A component diagram is a UML-based development tool that portrays software modules as well as more complex system architectures, and also specifies interactions of ports and interfaces. UML component diagrams help to improve cost effectiveness since they focus on modules that are used multiple times and that are reused during the planning and design stage.

Creating a YouTube timestamp link

How to create a YouTube timestamp link with a start time marker

Creating a YouTube timestamp link with a start time marker is the easiest way to share a video that you want to start playing at a specific point. This ensures that the recipient only receives the information that is relevant to them, especially when it comes to long videos. So, how do you create a YouTube timestamp link?

What is XML-RPC?

XML-RPC: remote procedure calls in XML format

In the late 1990s, the XML-RPC specification laid the foundation for the basic practical interfaces of our modern web services. The precursor to technologies such as SOAP describes the simplest way to execute functions via RPC remote access. Here, you will learn what roles this XML format and the HTTP(S) transfer protocol play.

Clean code: principles, advantages and examples

Clean code: what makes programming code clean

Clean code is a key pillar of modern software development. It is adaptable, easy to understand, and easy to maintain. But how is clean code actually written? In our guide, we will cover the most important clean code principles, such as KISS and DRY, and provide concrete examples demonstrating how to implement clean code.

What is legacy code

How to best handle legacy code

What are the disadvantages of legacy code? Very old code is usually incomprehensible to programmers and is difficult to maintain and use since it is based on outdated software versions or was written by other companies. Legacy code cannot be checked using regression testing, but there are still good ways to deal with it.

Rust programming language

Rust: an introduction to the cutting-edge programming language

Rust, the programming language from the world of Mozilla, has been a cause for a lot of excitement among programmers and software developers in recent years. With Rust, you can expect to achieve good results in your system programming and are able to program small, high-performing web applications. Fast, secure, and simple, all at the same time: Does Rust keep its promise?

Restore Firefox session

Restoring your previous Firefox session – A step-by-step guide

Want to restore your session in Firefox? If you accidentally close Firefox all the tabs you had open will disappear from the tab bar when you reopen the browser. Fortunately, the web browser has a built-in feature for restoring your previous Firefox session or individual tabs. How does this feature work and what settings are required to restore tabs in Firefox?

Bootstrap tutorial: the first steps

Bootstrap Tutorial: the first steps with the Twitter framework

Bootstrap is one of the best solutions when it comes to creating websites for all devices with little effort. But what exactly lies behind the framework that was originally planned to be used as an internal optimisation tool for Twitter? Can total beginners with no CSS, JavaScript, or HTML experience also achieve attractive results?

What is a wrapper?

What is a wrapper in programming?

Wrappers enclose individual program components like envelopes. The main program communicates only with the wrapper function, which accesses the interfaces of the wrapped parts of the program. This approach gives software developers a level of compatibility that was previously unavailable when using different libraries, databases, or programming languages.

What is a CGI?

What is CGI?

Filling out an online form, selecting items to put into a shopping basket, or commenting on a blog – internet users encounter Common Gateway Interfaces on a daily basis. The technology converts dynamic functions to preserve server resources. But how does CGI work, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and what alternatives do developers have?

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