Assign Access Rights in HiDrive

In this article, we show you how to customise access to shared files, assign read and write permissions, and create logs.

Please Note

You can define individual access rights for each ###HIDIRVE### user. This helps prevent you from granting users access to unauthorised shared or specific files and folders.


You have administrator rights for HiDrive.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Log in to HiDrive.
  • Choose My team.
  • Use the pencil icon to select the user for whom you want to assign rights.
  • Assign either No Access, Read Permission or Read and Write Permission. With a read permission, the user can open all shared files but cannot change or upload new ones.
  • Optional: Allow the protocols with which the user can upload and download files in HiDrive.

Please note: Depending on the contract selected, only certain protocols are available to you.

When the Encrypted connections only option is enabled, only the following access protocols are supported:

  • Windows drive (CIFS, SMB) via VPN
  • FTP via TLS, SFTP
  • GIT
  • SCP
  • rsync via SSH
  • WebDAV via SSL (https)