Using HiDrive with WebDav and Web Login

If you cannot or do not wish to use HiDrive with the HiDrive software, you can alternatively log in online through the web login or use the WebDav network protocol to exchange files. This article will provide you with more information.


  • You have already set up HiDrive.
  • You have the corresponding rights assigned in HiDrive.

Please Note

If you want to transfer data without starting the HiDrive application, you can alternatively use WebDav or Web Login. IONOS provides special server addresses that you can use to connect to the HiDrive webspace.

Overview of the Server Addresses:

Service Server Port  
WebDAV 443  
Web Login    

Please Note

Please enter your HiDrive user name in lower case letters for all connection types.
The maximum file name length is limited to 251 characters. The maximum path length is limited to 1020 characters. When using encryption programs, it is possible that exceedingly long path specifications are produced.