Synchronise Veracrypt Container Files

In this article, we describe solutions for possible problems that may occur when synchronising HiDrive files in the encryption program VeraCrypt.

Please Note

HiDrive synchronises files based on the settings you entered in the HiDrive software. With the encryption program VeraCrypt, the change time of a container after it is modified is not updated by default. Consequently, the HiDrive software cannot accurately synchronise modified containers.

To change this, you have to deactivate the option Receive modification times of Contrainer files in the Veracrypt settings. This way, the HiDrive software synchronises only the incremental changes of the container instead of the whole container each time, saving time and bandwidth.


You've installed VeraCrypt.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Start the VeraCrypt software.
  • Select Settings from the upper menu bar.
  • In the submenu, click Preferences.
  • Remove the check mark for Receive modification times of container files.

You have successfully changed the modification times to fix the associated VeraCrypt synchronisation issue.