Allow Others to Upload Files into Your HiDrive Folders

You can give others, including those who don't have HiDrive access, the ability to upload files into your HiDrive folders. In this article, we'll show you how to do it.

Please Note

With a sharing link, which you can send to other people via email, they can upload files to specified folders in your online storage without having to access HiDrive. To do this, you must release the folders for download. No upload is possible without this authorisation. The recipients do not receive access data for the shared folder but only write permission for the data upload. You cannot open or modify existing files.


You are a HiDrive adminstrator.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Log in to HiDrive.
  • Click My HIDRIVE.
  • Select the My Files entry.
  • If you want to split an existing folder, right-click the folder and select the Split option.
  • Optional: By clicking on New folder, you can create a folder which is only used for uploading the files. Then, click with the right mouse button on it and select the entry Parts -
  • A release link will then be created automatically.
  • Optionally you can assign a password for files under Settings, the validity of the link in days and the maximum number of downloads. If you do not enter any information here, the unlock link without password is valid indefinitely until you delete it.
  • Enter the recipient's email address and, if applicable, a message under Send link by email.
  • Send the link by clicking on Send.
  • If you prefer to send the link via your own email program, you can also copy and paste it.
  • A window opens where you can send the share link by email. To the right of the link is a preview button: Here you can see what the email looks like from the recipient's point of view. By clicking Settings, you open a window with additional options.