Alternative Options if Your File Path is Too Long for Backup in HiDrive

Since the length of file paths is limited to 260 characters in Windows, you will receive an error message if the file path of HiDrive is longer. We will show you what you can do.


A file path is the complete specification of a specific file, including all folders and directories and the actual file name. For example, a file name could be your file.doc, but the file path included makes it C:\Your Documents\Current Documents\Your File.doc. You can get this complete information in Windows by right-clicking a file in Windows Explorer and looking in the menu that opens under Properties.

If this complete file path is longer than 260 characters, you cannot save the file in question.

A backup is only possible if you shorten the file path to a maximum of 260 characters.

You have two options:

  • Renaming the folder and file name: Usually, just shortening the file name is sufficient. If this is not enough or if the file name becomes too abstract, you can rename the folders. However, if you change the name of a folder, this will affect all the file paths of the files in that folder.

  • Move file: Alternatively, you can move the file to another folder with less or no subdirectories, such as a parent folder like C:\Files, so that the file path changes to C:\Files\Your file.doc. The file path changes automatically when you move it. You do not need to make any further adjustments. The file name always remains the same when moving it.