Using HiDrive with FTP/SFTP

You can transfer your HiDrive files via FTP/SFTP. For this you need a separate FTP program. We will show you how here.


  • A separate FTP program (FTP client) such as FileZilla for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • You are using HiDrive Pro.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Start the FTP program Filezilla.
  • Enter the following values in the Server, Username, and Password fields:
  • Server for FTP and FTPS:
  • Server for SFTP:
  • Username: Your HiDrive username
  • Password: Your HiDrive password
  • Port for FTP/FTPS: 21
  • Port for SFTP: 22

Please note: When using FTP, your data will be transferred in plain text. For a secure transmission, select the sftp protocol instead of ftp.