Using HiDrive with SCP

SCP is a network protocol describing data transfer between different systems. Authentication between user and server and the file transfer itself are made secure using a secure key system based on the principles of cryptography.

  • HiDrive Pro package or other HiDrive package in combination with the Professional Protocols add-on
  • Administrator permissions in HiDrive or administrator privileges granted by another HiDrive administrator

To activate SCP in your HiDrive account, proceed as follows:

  • If not already done, log in to your HiDrive account.
  • In the menu bar, select Settings > Account > Access Rights and Protocols.
  • Click on the pen icon.
  • Activate the SCP checkbox.
  • Complete your changes by clicking on Save.

To use SCP in HiDrive, change into a program supporting SCP connections. Please use the following data for configuration purposes:

Field/Setting Content/Description
User Name Your HiDrive user name (all lower-case)
Password Your HiDrive password