Effect of the EU Geoblocking Regulation on 1&1 IONOS Online Accounting

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If you purchase our Online Accounting product via an EU country which is not your country of residence, some country specific features may differ or not be available in the product you purchase.

We will show you the key differences and recommend that you purchase our Online Accounting for your country of residence where available. This will allow you to use our Online Accounting to its full potential.

Country Specific Features for Online Accounting

  • Only available for Germany:
    The "Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung" function (advance return for VAT on sales/purchases), allows the declaration to be automatically created and sent directly to the local tax authorities via the product interface Online Accounting.
  • The Online Banking Integration is optimised for the country specific versions. Where there is no version of Online Accounting for a specific country we cannot guarantee that the Online Banking Integration will be fully supported.
  • Country specific tax, billing and reporting elements help you comply with local laws and regulations in our key markets. In the German version of Online Accounting, for example, the small business regulation and various depreciation regulations are present.
  • Special accounts definitions for each market (e.g. SKR 03/04 in Germany) ensure the correct posting of income and expenses and reduce the word for auditors or tax consultants.

Further information regarding geoblocking can be found in the article: The new EU Geoblocking Regulation