New .uk Domain Public Registrations

The .uk domain name was introduced as a stand-alone domain with public registrations starting 10 June 2014.

Ordering a .uk Domain
  • Any party with a valid UK address is able to order a .uk domain so long as it is not reserved by another party.
  • You can order an .uk domains through 1&1 if you are not a current customer.
  • You need a valid UK address in order to purchase a .uk domain. It is not possible to register a domain using a PO Box.
  • You can use Address Privacy with .uk domains.
Reserving a .uk Domain
  • Use our UK domain checker to determine if the domain is already reserved.
  • Any party that holds a current registration for a, or domain name on or before 10 June 2014 will have rights to the same domain name using the .uk extension for 5 years or until the registration lapses.
  • The reservation for the owner to secure the equivalent .uk extension is up to and including 25 June 2019. Any .uk family domain (, and domain registered after 10 June 2014 will not be qualify for the 5 year reservation period to secure the .uk extension.
  • All .uk family domains that are currently registered on 10 June 2014 will qualify for the right to secure the equivalent .uk extension for the following 5 years, or until the domain expires.
  • If the .uk domain is not registered, it will become available to anyone to register on 01 July 2019.