On this page, you can see all of the domains in your contracts in one place and manage them easily, such as with connecting your domain to a website or a social network, adjusting settings, and performing transfers.

For many actions, we provide you with setup assistants that guide you step-by-step and apply the most important settings for you automatically.

Power users can also use features such as changing DNS settings or exporting all of their domain details into a spreadsheet to work more efficiently with our comprehensive library of domain extensions.

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The Main Features

  • Manage All of the Domains in Your Contracts in One Place
  • Filter and Sort Your Domains by Name, Domain Extension, Subdomains, Status, and More
  • Easily Connect Websites and Social Media Sites to Your Domain
  • Edit Your DNS Settings, such as A/AAAA Records, MX Records, and CNAMEs

Search and Filter Domains

If you work with many domains, you can use the Search function to find a domain by name in any of your contracts.

Alternatively, Filters provide you with quick access to your desired domains. Three drop-down menus are available for this function, which specify which domains you want to filter.

Domain Extension

Using the Domain Extension option, you can select your domains according to their Domain Extension. You can select all domain extensions or filter the list to a specific domain extension, such as .de, .com, or .berlin.


Using the Status option, you can filter your domains according to how they are currently being used at IONOS. You can select all domain statuses or choose only for statuses such as Incoming Transfers, Outgoing Transfers, or Pre-Registrations.


In this menu, you can select which type of domains you want to export: All Domains, Domains Only, Domains & Subdomains, Subdomains Only, or System Domains Only.

The Actions Menu

In the Actions menu, you can directly open important settings, retrieve information about a domain, and manage subdomains and domain transfers. The Show Details action lets you view all information about a domain and change any other settings.

View Details and Edit settings

To see a Detailed View of a domain, simply click the Domain in the list.

In this Detailed View, you will find information about the Status, SSL Encryption, Usage Type, Domain Transfers, Renewal Date, and Settings for your domain.

With this shortcut, you have direct access to more than 20 actions for the selected domain.


The Portfolio shows you the number of different Domain Types in all of your contracts. Click Domains, Subdomains or System Domains to filter the domain list by this domain type.

Clicking Export Domains will take you to the ExportDomains menu. There you can create a summary of your domains as Excel, XML, CSV, or JSON files, which you can then easily process in the application of your choice.

In addition, the portfolio offers you additional domain actions such as Ordering Domains or Setting Up External Domains.

Common domain actions

The Common domain actions take you directly to the actions that are most often used by other users of IONOS. Simply select an Action and a Domain to get started.

Recommended Help Topics

The Recommended help topics allow you to search for domain-related articles on the spot and help you with all of your questions concerning domains with information, instructions, and any actions you need to take.