UK Rights of Registration

Please Note

This guide relates to unclaimed, shortened “Rights of Registration” .uk domain names. Existing UK domains are unaffected! Please log in to your Control Panel to confirm your domain’s renewal settings.

In 2014, the UK domain registry Nominet introduced .uk as a shorter, sharper domain name to sit alongside existing options (e.g.,, and They were reserved exclusively for the owner of the existing equivalent UK domain and offered free of charge. For example, if you owned "", "” was reserved for you for free until 25 June 2019.

This was called the UK Rights of Registration period, at the end of which IONOS extended the term of protection by registering all unclaimed reserved .uk domains until June 2020.

The extended free term has now ended and Nominet has sent a mandatory expiry notice to qualifying registrants, providing a further 90 days from the expiry date to claim the shortened .uk domain names. If you wish to claim and renew your domain name, please see the relevant guidance below.

Guidance for Existing Customers

Guidance for Non-Customers

Existing Customers

To claim and renew, initiate a transfer to your IONOS account by Transferring a UK Domain to IONOS. The renewal cost is based on the normal renewal price less any discounts from prevailing special offers, which you can view by logging in to the IONOS Customer Shop.

Important: Your shortened .uk domain name uses identical registrant details to those of your existing UK domain name at the time of registration in June 2019. If the email address assigned to your existing UK domain has changed, please contact our Customer Service team for further support when initiating the transfer of your shortened .uk domain name.

Useful Information

  • Domains acquired by this method will only be charged the regular price for a year of registration.
  • Your domain is set to renew automatically by default. You can deactivate this option at any time if you do not wish to renew your registration for a fee.

I don’t have an IONOS account. How do I claim my .uk domain name?

If your existing UK domain name is managed in an IONOS account by a third party, please contact the account holder to action your request to renew your unclaimed .uk domain name. We are unable to complete the renewal process without the authority of the IONOS account holder.

If your existing UK domain is no longer registered to IONOS, or has since expired, and you wish to claim your shortened .uk domain equivalent, please contact our Customer Service team for further guidance.