Converting Additional Domains into Free Included Domains

In some situations, you can convert fee-based additional domains into free included domains. Although this change is free, it can only be made by contacting IONOS Customer Support.

You can convert additional domains only if your contract contains free included domain slots that have not yet been assigned.

Domain and Application in the Same Contract

If you want to use your domain with a IONOS application, the domain and the application must be in the same contract. If the destination contract containing the application already has all its included domain slots used up, you can only use the domain as an additional domain.

You can convert only TLDs that are available as free TLDs on your contract. New domain extensions (nTLD) such as .london or .realestate cannot be converted to free included domains.

To see whether you still have free included domains available in your contract, select your contract in IONOS. Click the name of the contract. Then go to the My Data section and click the Manage Contract link under Contract Data. In the Domains section of the Included Features page, you can see how many included domains are available and how many you are currently using.

For even faster access, you can click the following link to go directly to your package information page: