Creating an Email Address in My 1&1 IONOS

Create email address for your own domain

We show you how to create email addresses for your personal domains. Receive and send emails under your own domain. Use any email program, your smartphone, tablet or the WebMail.

Your package must contain at least one fully configured domain. For more information on this topic, see Requirements for using a domain with 1&1 IONOS products.

step-by-step tutorial

  • Log in to My 1&1 IONOS and click on My Products > Email & Office in the top left corner of the menu bar.
  • Optional: Select the desired contract.

  • Click on Create new email address and select the desired 1&1 IONOS mail product, for example Mail Basic.
    note: If your contract no longer contains a free (= not used) mailbox of the desired type, you will find the button Order here. This will take you to the order page. There you will be informed about the further order conditions and can complete the order. You can then proceed directly to setting up your email address.

  • Fill in the input fields:

    • In the E-mail field, enter the desired name of the email address (the part that should appear before the @ sign) and select a domain.
    • Enter your first name and last name. This is the sender's name.
    • Enter the desired password and repeat it in the next input field.
  • Optional: If you also want to forward the emails to another, existing email address, click Add forwarding destination. Enter the email address you want to use as the forwarding destination.

  • Optional: Select your security settings. To do this, activate the respective check box.

    • Anti-SPAM Free SPAM protection for your mailbox.
    • 1&1 IONOS Premium virus protection: Virus protection can be ordered as an option. If you activate the check box, you will be redirected to the product page of the 1&1 IONOS Shops. Here you will find further information on the scope of services and costs.
  • Click on Save.

Your mailbox will now be set up and connected to the selected email address. This may take a few minutes.

The new 1&1 IONOS Help Centre with instructions and information about our domain products and services.