Using Microsoft Exchange® 2019 with an Existing Email Address

For Microsoft Exchange 2019 as an add-on feature or as a stand-alone contract

This article explains how to use Microsoft Exchange 2019 with an existing email address.

Please Note

The initial setup of Microsoft Exchange 2019 must be done with your own email address. You can find out how to do this in the article Setting up Microsoft Exchange 2019 with a new email address.

Adding an Existing Email Address

To do this, add the desired email address using IMAP to the email program (such as Outlook) that is already set up with your Microsoft Exchange 2019 account. For details, see these articles on Microsoft Exchange 2019 setup. The option to use IMAP may need to be enabled separately for other providers, such as Gmail.

When you receive an email to your IMAP email address, you can then reply using the Microsoft Exchange 2019 account.