Setting Up an Email Account in Apple Mail

For Mail Basic and Mail Business email accounts

Learn how to set up your Mail Basic or Mail Business account on a Macintosh in Apple Mail.

For Microsoft Exchange 2013 email accounts, please reference Set Up a Microsoft Exchange 2013 Email Account in Apple Mail.

Mail Business accounts can be set up in Apple Mail for email use only. To access your address book, calendar, tasks and drives , please log in to IONOS Webmail.

Quick Setup

If you have not yet set up an email account in Apple Mail:
  • Open Mail.

  • Select Other email account.
If you have an email account in Apple Mail:
  • Open Mail.

  • From the menu bar at the top, click Mail > Add Account.

  • Select Other email account.
Field Input
Email Address Your IONOS email address
User Name Your IONOS email address
Password The password for your IONOS email address
Account Type IMAP
Incoming Mail Server
Outgoing Mail Server

Guided Setup

Step 1

Open Mail.

Tip: Press command ⌘ + SPACE on the keyboard at the same time to search for the Mail app.

Step 2

Click in the menu bar on Mail > Add Account.

Step 3

Choose Other Mail Account and click Continue.

Step 4

Enter your name, email address, email password and click Login.

Learn how to Set a New IONOS Email Account Password if you can't remember it.

Step 5

For the User Name, enter your full email address.

For the Account Type, you can choose between IMAP or POP . We recommend that you use IMAP.

  • For IMAP, enter as the Incoming Mail Server.
  • For POP, enter as the Incoming Mail Server.

For the Outgoing Mail Server, enter and click Sign In.

Step 6

Enable or disable the synchronisation of Notes, then click Done.

The setup is now complete and the services you have chosen to synchronise will now begin downloading. Please allow time for all the data to synchronise to your computer.