Setting Up Microsoft Exchange 2013 in Outlook 2016 for Mac

For Microsoft Exchange 2013 accounts

Learn how to set up a new email account in Outlook 2016 on your Mac.

Step 1

Start Outlook 2016 for Mac on your Apple computer.

Step 2

Go to Tools > Accounts in the menu bar.

Step 3

At the bottom-left, click the [+] button and select New Account.

Step 4

Enter your Email address.

Step 5

Click Not IMAP/POP.

Step 6

Select Exchange.

Step 7

Enter the remaining information:

  • Method: User name and password
  • DOMAIN\username or Email: The full email address of Microsoft Exchange 2013 your account.
  • Password: The password you assigned when Microsoft Exchange 2013 was set up.
Step 8

Click Add Account.

Step 9

Click Continue if you receive a message that A secure connection cannot be established with the server...

Step 10

Click Allow if you receive a message that Outlook was redirected to the server to get new settings...

Step 11

Click Done.

Once you are connected to the Exchange server, you will see Connected at the bottom-right of Outlook.

Outlook will then synchronise your Microsoft Exchange 2013 account for the first time. This can take several minutes, depending on how many emails, calendars and contacts are stored in your account, as well as your internet connection speed.

If the automatic setup is not successful, please enter for the Server field in Step 7.