Setting Up Microsoft Exchange 2013 on an Android Device

For Microsoft Exchange 2013

Want to set up a Microsoft Exchange 2013 account on your Android smartphone or tablet? We will show you how to do it in just a few steps.

Please Note

The following steps were created using a device with Android 9. The designations of the individual menu items may vary slightly for devices from other manufacturers.

Step 1

Go to your Settings (typically shown as a gear icon).

Step 2

Tap Accounts.

Step 3

Tap Add Account.

Step 4

Select Exchange.

Step 5

Enter your email address and tap Next.

Step 6

Enter your password and tap Next.

Step 7

Tap OK to allow the Redirect Request.

Step 8

Tap OK to allow the Exchange Redirect Request.

Step 9

In the Server field, enter and tap Next.

Step 10

Tap OK to allow the Remote Security Administration.

Step 11

Tap Activate this device admin app.

Step 12

Optionally, you can change the Account Name, which is the name displayed on your outgoing emails. Finally, tap Next to complete the setup process.

Your Microsoft Exchange 2013 setup is now complete and the services you have chosen to synchronise will now begin downloading. Please allow time for all the data to synchronise to your Android device.