Back Up and Restore Emails

For 1&1 IONOS Mail Basic and Mail Business accounts

In this article, you will learn how you can quickly and easily back up and restore your emails in WebMail. The following steps are for backing up your emails:

  • Log in to WebMail.
  • Select the emails you want to save. If you want to back up an entire folder, such as the entire inbox folder, click on the desired folder and check the box Select all.
  • Click the More Actions icon, and then click Save to File.
  • In the window that now opens, you must first select the Save File option and then click OK. The file will now be saved in your Download folder unless you changed this in your browser settings. If you have only selected one email, it will be saved as a .eml file. If you have selected several emails, they will be saved as a .zip file.

Please note: If you want to back up several directories, we recommend that you save the file under the name of the directory to be backed up - such as "".

Restore Emails

  • Unzip the saved .zip file. If you only saved a single email, you can go directly to Step 2.
  • Drag and drop the unzipped .eml files into the desired directory of WebMail. The emails will become available again.