IONOS Mobile App for iOS and Android

With the free IONOS Mobile App for iOS and Android, you always have an eye on the performance of your website and can access your IONOS products at any time, even on the go.

Quickly and easily find important key figures for your websites or adjust settings for your contracts, domains, and websites. The integrated Website-Checker analyses how well your website is prepared for your success on the Internet and gives you valuable tips on how to make your website even more successful.

Features of the IONOS Mobile App

On the main page, you can see an overview of your online performance and access the most important functions with a simple tap of your finger:

  • Optimise your websites and check how well you are succeeding online.
  • Keep an overview of notifications and messages related to your websites.

  • Manage your data and products easily with your smartphone or tablet.

  • Keep track of your invoices.

  • Check the visitor statistics of your websites with SiteAnalytics.

  • Find answers to your questions in the integrated IONOS Help Centre.

  • Useful tips and expert knowledge make your website unique and successful. That's why you will find the best articles about web hosting and WordPress directly in your IONOS Mobile App.

  • Status updates: We support you with background information and help in case of technical problems.

  • Easy contact and personal support by phone: Create your phone PIN directly in the app.

Additional Information
  • The IONOS Mobile App allows you to access your IONOS account directly from your iPhone or Android device. Although the app provides the same access to your products as a desktop or laptop computer, we strongly discourage you from editing your websites through the app (or a tablet/mobile device in general). The IONOS Website Builders are intended for use with desktop/laptop browsers only.

  • It is not possible to manage clients and projects in the Agency Partner Portal using the IONOS Mobile App. As a web designer and agency, you can access your contract at any time.

  • You can only access the Data Protection & Privacy, Profile Details, Last Login, and Access Permissions sections when you log in to your account using a browser.

Using the IONOS Mobile App

  • To access the individual functions, simply tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner.

  • The individual functions (e.g. My Account, Domains & SSL, Settings, etc.) are then displayed on the right side of the screen.

Showing Your Temporary Phone PIN

Temporary phone PINs can be displayed in the app. However, fixed phone PINs cannot be created or displayed in the app. To display a temporary phone PIN in the IONOS Mobile App, tap Personal Consultant on the Home screen or select Settings > Contact from the menu.

The temporary phone PIN is then displayed in the lower half of the screen under your IONOS Customer ID.

Customer Service: Arranging a Callback

  • With the help of IONOS Mobile App, you can easily arrange a callback with the IONOS Customer Service. To do this, follow the steps below:
  • From the Home screen, tap Personal Consultant or choose Settings > Contact from the menu.

  • Scroll down to tap the icon of a silhouette with a headset.

  • Select the desired time for the callback.

  • Enter the phone number where you want to receive the callback.

  • Tap Schedule a callback.

Protecting Your Account

With two-factor authentication (2FA), you can effectively secure your IONOS account. With 2FA enabled, access to your account only becomes possible after entering two different credentials.

The article 2-Factor Authentication with the IONOS Mobile App explains how to set it up.