Upload Project from NetObjects Fusion to Webspace

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This text is a machine translation. A revised version is planned.

You will learn how you can put your homepage directly online with NetObjects Fusion.

By placing your homepage directly online, you are spared the detour of using FTP software.

Step 1

On the NetObjects Fusion menu, click Publish Site.

Step 2

Click on the Edit icon.

Step 3

In the publishing settings, click New.

Step 4

Enter the necessary user data of the FTP server. You can find them in the IONOS.

Click here to go directly to your FTP access data: View access data Then click the Advanced button on the right.

Step 5

To be able to use unencrypted FTP, enter 21 at server port and check Connect in passive mode. Click Close.

Name of your entry

Server Type FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Profile name freely selectable
Server Autom. configured IONOS Subdomain in IONOS viewable Example: home123456789.1and1-data.host
Directory if available; otherwise leave empty
Username Your FTP username
Password Your FTP password
Live-URL Your Domain  
Create a sitemap for search engines activated  
Step 6

Finally, click on Publish.