Backing Up MySQL Databases with phpMyAdmin

For Web Hosting Linux and Windows packages with MySQL databases and dedicated managed server

To create a backup of your database:

Step 1

Open phpMyAdmin.

Step 2

If you have set up several databases in your package, first select the database to be backed up in the Server field on the left and then click on Export in the menu.

Step 3

Select the required export type:

  • Fast: Here you only select the desired output format. The default setting here is SQL. This is recommended if you want to perform a backup for backup purposes.

    Note: The quick method is recommended if you have little MySQL expertise and want to easily back up the entire contents of your database.
  • Fitting in: If you are an advanced user, you will find additional settings for defining output and format-specific options for the export.
Step 4

Click OK to start the export.

Step 5

The dialog for opening files opens. Select the Save file option and click OK.

The backup file is now saved in your browser's download directory.

Note: If the export does not succeed in this way, you can try to perform the backup using a PHP script or a shell (SSH).