Open phpMyAdmin (Administration of Your MySQL databases)

For Web Hosting and IONOS Managed Server

phpMyAdmin is a web application for MySQL database administration. You can reach phpMyAdmin via the IONOS.


Your contract must include a MySQL database.

Step 1

Log in to the IONOS and select the appropriate contract.

Step 2

Select MySQL Database from the left menu bar under My Products.

Step 3

Under phpMyAdmin, click Open next to the database you want to edit.

A new window with the phpMyAdmin start page opens. You can now administer your MySQL database.

Please note: Changes you make in phpMyAdmin become active immediately and cannot be undone. Therefore, be particularly careful with the Delete and Empty functions.

Tip: Create bookmarks for browsers

You can create a bookmark to open your database directly in phpMyAdmin. To do this, click Bookmarks on the MySQL Databases overview page next to the desired MySQL database and then copy the link that appears.

Please note: Create a new bookmark directly in your browser with this URL as the address. Otherwise the bookmark will not work.